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Single Rear Wheel (SRW) vs. Dual Rear Wheel (DRW) - Differences & Benefits

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Ford trucks are legendary when it comes to performance, durability, and towing capacity. If you’re shopping for your next truck and towing capability is a priority for your needs – it’s important to understand the differences between SRW and DRW trucks like the Ford Super Duty. Single rear wheel (SRW) trucks and dual rear wheel (DRW) trucks each have their own unique advantages and benefits that can make them a great fit for your lifestyle. In an effort to help educate you on the differences between SRW vs DRW trucks, our team at Sarchione Ford of Randolph has created this useful comparison guide. You’ll learn all about the unique perks of choosing each configuration and be better informed about which Ford Super Duty is best for you and your towing needs. Let’s get started!

Single Rear Wheel (SRW) Trucks Benefits

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Likely the configuration of truck that most shoppers are familiar with, single rear wheel (SRW) variants are by far the most common type of full-size truck on the market. The term “single rear wheel” refers to the fact that the rear axle features a single rear wheel on both sides. In addition to being easier to find due to the sheer volume of models produced in this configuration, there are a number of key advantages to choosing an SRW Ford truck.

  • Maneuverability - Perhaps the most obvious benefit is the fact that SRW trucks are far more maneuverable than DRW trucks. They have shorter turning circles which can make them a more “livable” option when using them as a daily driver. This advantage also comes in handy when hitching up to a trailer or backing in or out of a tight space.
  • Price - Considering the fact that SRW trucks have a lower price tag than DRW versions, they can make more sense for individuals who are trying to stick to a budget. Similarly, you will only have to worry about maintaining four tires instead of six which can also lower your overall operating costs.
  • Versatility - Especially for recreational uses or DIY projects, a single rear wheel truck is more versatile as a tool than a dual rear wheel truck. It’s plenty capable of towing heavy loads or handling payloads for your weekend projects or vacations. However, when the work is done you won’t have to worry about parking or the larger footprint of a DRW truck. It’s the best “do-it-all” version of a pickup truck.

Dual Rear Wheel (SRW) Trucks Benefits

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Commonly referred to as a “dually”, dual rear wheel (DRW) trucks like the Ford Super Duty are purpose-built machines designed to provide maximum stability when towing or hauling the heaviest loads. Since these models have a higher Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), they’re able to tow and haul more than single rear wheel variants. Benefits of driving a dual rear wheel truck include:

  • Maximum Capability - Due to their larger rear axle, dual rear wheel trucks offer higher towing capacities and payload capacities than a single rear wheel truck. For individuals who demand maximum capability, there’s simply no substitute for a DRW truck. These trucks are engineered to excel in the most demanding environments.
  • Increased Stability & Comfort - Those extra two wheels on the rear axle of DRW trucks help boost both stability and comfort. Especially when towing heavy loads, the dual rear wheel axle stays more firmly planted to the road surface under the additional weight. This makes the truck less susceptible to swaying in high winds or bouncing across rough terrain. Even with payload in the bed, you’ll experience a superior ride with a DRW truck.
  • Superior Fifth-Wheel & Gooseneck Options - If you’re towing with a fifth-wheel hitch or gooseneck hitch, a DRW truck is a far superior choice compared to an SRW model. You’ll have more room in the bed and greater stability to accommodate the heavier weight of the trailer itself. Large camping trailers, multi-horse trailers, or large construction trailers are best suited for dual rear wheel trucks like the Ford Super Duty.

Shop SRW and DRW Ford Trucks at Sarchione Ford of Randolph

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Now that you’ve learned about the key differences between SRW and DRW trucks, our team at Sarchione Ford of Randolph is standing by to help you choose the right Ford truck for your lifestyle. Shop our extensive selection of both SRW and DRW Ford trucks online or stop in today for a test drive. We’re confident that you’ll have no trouble finding a Ford truck that’s a perfect match for your towing needs in Northeast Ohio and beyond.

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