Shelby Mustang - Performance, Upgrades, & Options Overview

shelby custom mustangs specs and options overview with image of grey mustang

One of the most iconic names in the world of the Ford Mustang is Shelby. With a company reputation built on an outstanding record in endurance racing, Shelby has spent decades both performing aftermarket modifications to Mustangs and working with Ford to make Shelby-spec Mustangs right out of the factory, most recently with the GT500. Sarchione Ford Randolph has specialized in both of these, and is by far the top Shelby Mustang retailer in Ohio. Ford might have discontinued the GT500 following the 2022 model year, but Shelby-modified Mustangs are still being built every day. These might differ a bit from the Shelby Mustangs you’re used to seeing, so we’ve put together a guide to the new Shelby Mustang conversions available from Sarchione Ford Randolph. Of course, our friendly and knowledgeable team can also assist you if you have additional questions.

image of orange shelby gt mustang

Shelby GT

The Shelby GT is, as the name suggests, based on the Mustang GT, but has been extensively modified. The Shelby GT gets Shelby spec wheels and tires, suspension components from Ford Performance, a unique Shelby vented hood, and a Borla exhaust system that adds 10 horsepower (for a total of 460) to the GT. The exterior styling changes include a redesigned grille, a rear spoiler, and billet aluminum fluid caps, all with Le Mans-style striping and Shebly badging all around. Inside, you’ll find unique upholstery, door sill plates, and a dash plaque that firmly establishes each vehicle as a collector’s item.

Optional equipment is available, and the highlight of the available equipment is a supercharger that bumps the Shelby GT up to 750 horsepower. This is part of the GT/SC package, which also comes with a suspension upgrade and unique striping. The Heavy Duty Package adds an extreme radiator and other touches to help the Mustang handle all of the additional power. Extreme Brembo brakes are available too, along with a rear seat delete, a wide body kit, and multiple suspension choices.

image of tire

Performance Upgrades:

  • Shelby GT deep draw hood
  • Hood vents
  • Shelby spec 20” wheels, staggered
  • Shelby spec performance tires
  • Ford Performance springs
  • Ford Performance sway bars
  • Caster camber plates
  • Shelby by Borla cat-back exhaust
image of shelby mustang interior

Interior & Exterior Upgrades:

  • Shelby leather seat recovers
  • Shelby upper grille
  • Shelby side rockers and rocker wings
  • Rear spoiler
  • Tail light panel
  • Le Mans style striping
  • Driver and passenger Side vinyl stripes
  • Emblems and badging
  • CSM numbered dash plaque and engine plate
  • Shelby billet aluminum fluid caps
  • Embroidered floor mats
  • Door sill plates (Backlit only on MyColor equipped vehicles)

Optional Packages:

Shelby GT/SC (Supercharged)

  • 750HP Super Charger
  • Ford Performance suspension upgrade (Non MagneRide equipped cars)
  • Shelby GT/SC striping

Shelby Heavy Duty Package

  • Extreme radiator
  • Coolant Tank (Black Finish)
  • Hardened Wheel Studs
  • Performance Half-shafts

Additional Options:

  • Painted stripes
  • Shelby Wide Body package
  • Shelby by Penske track suspension (Non MagneRide equipped cars)
  • Rear seat delete with harness bar
  • Ford Performance suspension system
  • Shelby by Brembo extreme brake package with 6 piston front, 4 piston rear calipers and upgraded rotors
image of blue mustang

Shelby Super Snake

Shelby has always reserved the name Super Snake for the most extreme examples to leave the Shelby factory, and this 825-horsepower beast is certainly no exception. It’s powered by a 5.0-liter Ford Coyote V8 with a Whipple supercharger that pushes it up to the extreme power figures that you associate with Shelby. Cooling, for both the engine and transmission, is improved, it gets new suspension, wheels, tires, and a set of massive Brembo brakes with six-piston front calipers and 4-piston calipers for the rear. There’s a Borla exhaust and examples with a manual transmission get a short-throw shifter and a one-piece drive shaft.

The Super Snake has aluminum wide body fenders, a ram-air hood, and several aerodynamic touches. Super Snake badging is added, and for a retro touch, Shelby louvered quarter windows. The interior is fully upgraded, and includes special seats, floor mats, door sills, and a carbon fiber gauge pod.

There are further options, although the Super Snake is already so heavily modified that there aren’t a ton. They include painted stripe options, a harness bar, customizable Penske suspension, and a more extensive wide body package that comes with unique two-piece wheels. There is also a Speedster Edition of the Super Snake, which comes with a Speedster-style convertible tonneau cover, as well as unique badging and stripes. Just 98 are built per model year, and each comes with a number plaque.

image of engine

Performance Upgrades:

  • 825 horsepower supercharger (Whipple, polished finish)
  • Shelby extreme cooling (radiator, aluminum tank, heat exchanger)
  • Shelby by Borla exhaust system
  • Upgraded performance half shafts rated up to 1,500 HP
  • Transmission cooler (automatic only)
  • Short throw shifter (manual only)
  • One-piece drive shaft (manual only)
  • Extended hardened wheel studs, open ended lug nuts
  • Ford Performance suspension upgrade
  • 20” one-piece forged aluminum wheels (black or polished)
  • Performance tires (summer only)
  • Shelby by Brembo brake system (6 piston front, 4 piston rear)
image of super snake interior

Interior Upgrades:

  • Serialized Carroll Shelby Manufacturing (CSM) badging (engine + dash)
  • Shelby spec interior upgrade
  • Floor mats and door sill plates
  • Shelby carbon fiber gauge pod with gauges
  • Shelby billet aluminum engine fluid cap set
  • Convertible light bar (convertible only, excludes Speedster)
image of shelby brake

Exterior Upgrades:

  • Shelby engineered body components, including
  • Aluminum Wide Body front fenders, Metallic Super Snake
  • ram-air hood with functional vents, Front fascia with air managed grilles, ducts and splitter, Side rockers with rocker wings, Rear spoiler, tail panel and diffuser
  • Super Snake striping and badging
  • Tinted windows (Per State Regulations)
  • Shelby louvered quarter windows

Convertible Speedster Edition:

  • Speedster convertible Tonneau
  • Limited to 98 units per model year in USA
  • Over the top LeMans striping
  • “Speedster Edition” floormats and door sill plates


  • Painted stripes
  • Shelby Wide Body package with a two-piece forged aluminum wheel
  • Shelby by Penske double adjustable suspension (ride height, rebound/compression)
  • Harness bar with rear seat delete (excludes harnesses)

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